Peter Cushing’s Whitstable

I wasn’t really sure which category of the blog I should put this post in but as I was filming horror and Peter Cushing is without a doubt one of the biggest horror legends ever, I decided to go with blood!

Back in the Summer I was invited to Whitstable to do some filming for Tony Mardon’s ‘Witches of the Sands’. To be honest I have absolutely no idea what the premise of the film is, I’m not even sure Tony does but it seems like anyone who’s anyone in the world of horror is making an appearance and it’s always nice to be asked…

Originally I shot a small role playing my character Lucy from Bad Moon Rising a fun cross over but as TWOTS has grown massively from Tony’s original idea, I somehow ended up in Whitstable Playhouse playing myself in a cameo and at some point early next year I’m going back to play a reindeer (best casting ever). I’m sure it will all make sense when it’s edited.

I’ve always loved quaint British seaside towns, in fact, I even love run down seaside towns but Whitstable is so charming, it’s easy to see why Peter Cushing chose to make it his home.

I’d never been to Whitstable before and being as I was booked in to a hotel, I decided to take one of the H3X girls along to have an adventure the following day.

We were so lucky with the weather and decided to take ourselves on our own little Cushing tour and with the help of Google and Google maps, managed to squeeze a lot in to the day.

Breakfast was at The Peter Cushing which is actually a Weatherspoons but well worth going to as is in am amazing art deco building which used to be an old cinema and is decorated with loads of Peter Cushing memorabilia as well as old school film cameras.

After breakfast, we went for a wander around the towns antique shops followed by lunch at his favourite place, The Tudor Tea Rooms, I think the only vegan option on the menu for me was soup which I washed down with a glass of Sauvignon.

After lunch we wandered up to his house and then walked along the sea front to visited the harbour with all the market stalls and Whitstable Castle and ended up with a dip in the sea.

No trip to a sea side town would be complete of course without chips so before the drive home we made sure we paid a visit to Ossie’s for chips and a mushy pea fritter!

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