Video Shop Tales of Terror

The wonderful curator of the Horror on Sea Video Club, Singh Lall is making a movie anthology and has asked me to feature in the wrap around segment as my TIS films alter ego Paula Valentine so I can’t wait to step in to her shoes again.

Not only will I be playing Paula again, I’ll also be featuring in Ciao Andy’s segment ‘Fleurs du Mal’ which I’m really excited about as it will be a first time working with Andrew Elias and Carnie Film’s segment ‘These Burnt Children’ so I can’t wait to work with Tom Lee Rutter again, it will make a change from our other pastime of pigeon rescue (don’t ask) and just for the record I’m also available to any of the other segment directors in case they’re reading this… haha.

Art work by the incredible Simon Pritchard

The indiegogo crowdfunding campaign hit it’s goal in under 24 hours but there is now a stretch goal with added perks!

2022 Calendar pre sales

I’ve gone with a fun horror/pin up theme for my 2022 calendar.

It’s available for pre sales now until the end of November ONLY.


Anyone who has followed me over the past two years of apocalypse will have seen my lockdown was filled with adventures with my two best friends Cheryl Neve and Megan Lockhurst both of whom I met on the set of Mannequin in 2020. Whenever we could meet up we did and somewhere within that time the H3X seed was planted.

It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to be in a girlband and the universe it seems has made that happen. Megan is a super talented singer/songwriter as well as an actress and Cheryl also has an amazing voice.

All of us have released our own solo music and will continue to do so but when we’re together we’re H3X.

We released our first single Trick or Treat in October and are currently working something for Christmas so watch this space.

In the mean time, download, stream, listen to Trick or Treat! It’s available on all digital platforms.

Digital Dead Magazine

My first column for Digital Dead Magazine is out now.

I’ll be writing a regular feature called Dani Dissects, discussing my views on different aspects within horror in each issue.

This issue it’s clowns! It’s also free so download your copy now at Digital Dead