Shop Vintage & Say No To Fast Fashion

You know that moment when you see a picture of someone wearing the most amazing dress – only it’s vintage so you know you’re never going to be able to find the exact same one? Devastating right?

Well I saw a picture last week on Immodesty Blaize’s instagram of her wearing a beautiful baby blue 70’s maxi number, and blue isn’t even a colour I usually wear unless it’s denim but the dress was just sooo pretty.

Anyway, I popped in  to Beyond Retro’s Soho branch yesterday and found not the exact same dress but something very similar in peach!

It’s the simple things in life, like finding the perfect dress and because it’s vintage, knowing it’s highly unlikely you’ll bump in to anybody else wearing the same thing.

And because it’s vintage, you’re also taking a step away from the fast fashion, throwaway culture that is now.

In times gone buy clothes were built to last, classic cuts and styles made well and to stand the test of time.

Whether down to war and therefore a lack of fabric, lack of money, ration or general austerity, there was a make do and mend, waste not want not culture that seems very far away from today.

The environmental aspect on fast fashion is huge, not only do the chemicals used in the production of crops and fibres that are tuned in to garments contribute to different forms of pollution including water, air and soil, they of course also play their part in climate change, the  fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of the carbon footprint of the world. 

In the UK alone people spent over £50 000 000 on throw away fashion, items bought that would  be out of fashion and thrown away before the Autumn/Winter season.

Then more often than not, these clothes end up in landfill and we just don’t have space.

I’ve been as guilty as anybody in the past, I had a big sort out in my walk in wardrobe just this year and found numerous items that I’d bought and never worn, lots still with labels attached but fast fashion is so last season.

What can you do?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Buy less.

Buy quality rather than quantity, clothes that will last.

Don’t jump on to fashion trends, buy classic items that are timeless and if you do happen to buy something that you love but was very much on trend, don’t throw it way, chances are it will come back in fashion.

Buy vintage or second hand, there are unwanted clothes out there that need love.

Swap clothes that you’re bored of with friends.

Learn to sew, customize and turn old items in to something new.