LinQsport is a new social media platform designed to connect people through sport and enabling them to ‘Linq’ up to do sporting activities.

Are you looking for a local football team to play for on a weekend, a tennis partner, a golf buddy, a fellow yoga enthusiast, someone to go for runs with? Simply search for teams or people in your area with similar sporting interests.

New year is the perfect time for setting new fitness goals and having other people to work out with can help keep you motivated.

There are loads of qualified trainers on the app offering classes so whether you’re a trainer or an individual LinQsport offer a new way to engage with fellow sports minded people.

You can create clubs and host your own ‘linq-ups’.

I’ve got a club on the app where I give tips and recommendations for walks and hikes.

Walks on the Wild Side.

Follow me (search my name) and feel free to join Walks on the Wild Side and post pictures of your own adventures in there to help inspire others.

Safety – If you are going to meet up in person with anyone, do check them out first to make sure they’re legit.


2020, the year we got locked down for what felt like forever. Gyms were closed but we were allowed to exercise outdoors (for limited times).

I live alone and as much as I am happy in my own company, I think it would have worn thin after a while so for the first part of lockdown I ran away up north to my GBF’s and we locked down together. He lives right next to the beach so I was blessed with beautiful cliff top coast paths to run on. I’ve never been a keen runner but the scenery and the salty sea air made it worth while.

I was away for a month and then the rules changed and we were allowed to form bubbles with other households so on my return to London, in order to meet up with the girls we started hiking and haven’t looked back.

For years I’d been saying that the UK has so many beautiful places to see but somehow, work and life always got in the way of visiting them but whilst the film industry was on hold, we made the most of our free time.


Horsey to Winterton. Fields, forest and beach with seals.

Surrey Hills

More Surrey Hills

We discovered a sheep pig…

Kinder Scout

The Jurassic Coast

17 miles along some very steep coastal paths. Views were breath-taking though.

Avebury Stones

We almost cut this walk a little short and would have missed out on being able to go inside an excavated burial mound so we’re glad we didn’t!

Scarfell Pike

Roseberry Topping

The heavens opened right after this picture was taken and we got soaked making our way back down but the sun came out and we dried off quickly and the rest of the walk was beautiful.

Cenarth Falls

I’d just lost Dolly and the girls whisked me away on a girls retreat to cheer me up. Dolly made a special appearance in the waterfall.

In the past year and a half, we’ve hiked through fields, forests, mountains, coastal paths and a discovered a newfound love of quirky air b&b stays.

A 70’s bus in Wales converted into a cosy glamping option. It slept 3 comfortably and had a log burning stove, cooker and small dining table as well as a fire pit outside and it’s own yoga studio which was perfect for stretching in the mornings.

Being out in nature is amazing for your wellbeing so as well as getting exercise, hiking is great for the mind.

My Top 10 Hiking Tips

1 Download the OS Maps App, it’s only £2.99 a month and it makes fining a route and sticking to your route so easy!

2 Check the weather and wear appropriate clothing. Layering is a good idea as you can always remove them and it does get warm if you’re tackling steep inclines.

3 Make sure your hiking boots/shoes are well broken in and comfortable before wearing them for any long distance hikes. Even still, always carry Compeed and don’t scrimp by buying a cheaper brand. You’ll thank me.

4 Walking trails often lead you through fields of grazing cattle, keep your distance and enjoy watching the animals from afar.

5 Carry water and make sure you pack snacks.

6 Set off early, if you finish early then great, you can go and get a nice pub dinner and a drink, you’ve earned it but if you set of late and experience any obstacles on the way, you could end up finishing your hike in the dark or not at all.

7 Carry a torch in your bag, there are lot’s of things to trip over in the forest if it gets dark.

8 Carry a spare battery pack for your phone, you need it for your map and taking selfies!

9 Make sure somebody knows where you are especially if you’re on your own. I send my live location to one of my groups of friends so they know where to send the search party if I get lost (which I tend not to due to OS Maps).

10 Be mindful, listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your face, smell the fresh (or not so fresh if you find yourself in a field of cows) air, enjoy yourself. Nature is good for the soul.

The lockdowns weren’t great for everybody but I genuinely enjoyed myself and after so many amazing hikes, I now feel cooped up if I haven’t been out for a walk in nature for a few days.

Hikes make exercise fun.




Down Dog

I decided a few years ago back in 2017 to embark on a new yoga journey and have been using Down Dog since then but I’ve always been a bit sporadic when it comes to practise.

I upgraded to the paid version of Down Dog for 2020, I figured if I pay for it, I’m more likely to keep it up and so far so good.


I set up a little yoga space in my apartment with crystals and candles (which I quickly changed to fake candles as the dog is a little to curious for comfort and I don’t want her going up in flames) and it’s the 7th January today and I’ve already practiced at home 3 times (I also plan on doing a practice tonight after I’ve finished this blog post) and  been to 2 yoga classes at the gym.


The app is so easy to use and with the paid version, you can choose your type of practice, do you want to do a full practice?  Hatha or Ashtanga? Would you prefer  a restorative session, some quick flow or sun salutations?


You can choose your level from beginner through to advanced, you can add boosts depending what it is you want to achieve or stretch and you can choose how long you want your practice to be, do you want a long and full session or do you want to stretch during your lunch break?

You can choose what type of music you want to listen to during your session, personally I like the spiritual music when I practice, I love the sound of a sitar and you can even choose your instructors voice but the best bit for me is that a new workout sequence is generated each time you practice so you’re not repeating the same classes over and over.

The instruction and video is easy to follow and records your practice history too so you can keep track of when you’ve practiced.


The app is well worth the money at $34.99 per year if you buy online (around £27), hopefully I’ll stick with it this time and be flying like a crow in no time . . .



Yes, so I know I’m a little late jumping on the yoga bandwagon but I’ve decided to start 2017 by embarking on a new yoga journey.

I think I always put off going to classes before because I thought I wouldn’t be flexible enough but this year I bit the bullet and I’m loving it although at the moment my ‘flying pigeon’ is more like ‘pigeon that just fell out of the sky and crash landed’ but that’s Ok, I have faith that with practice I’ll get there.

I’ve made a pledge to myself to try and squeeze in one or two yoga classes per week along with a pilates class (depending on my work schedule) as well as my usual cardio and weights work outs and I’ve downloaded Yoga Studio’s app on my phone which is brilliant for daily workouts between classes.

I’ve also purchased Daily Greatness Yoga Journal to record my goals and progress.

Dolly seems to be loving my pink elephant yoga mat!