Witches Tea

Burn Calories, Not Witches

Plants, flowers and herbs have been used for years in potions and remedies and with inspiration from the great herbalists of the past, Willow and Emerald, the wonderful ladies from Witches Tea have created blends from the Root, Flower, Bark, Berry and Stem of rare and powerful plants. 

Their teas are quite literally a ritual in a cup.

The ladies sent me some of their most popular tea, the amazing weight loss blend, ‘Burn Calories Not Witches’ just in time for my new years diet with a generous amount of biodegradable drawstring teabags.

”The reasons we want to lose weight vary from person to person. Whatever the reason Burn calories Not Witches is there to make sure you do this in a healthy way. This tea will not only burn fat and speed up your metabolism, but also manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels whilst making you feel great”.


Rose Petals

What’s more, as well as the ingredients in the tea working to help your metabolism, Witches Tea comes with some extra magick! One of their Coven will also cast one of their popular weight loss spells upon the herbs helping you shift those stubborn pounds!”

I’m a huge tea fan in general, my tea cupboard has a ridiculous amount of blends in it and I also dabble with creating my own blends but I have to say I adore this tea, not only do I love the idea of magical tea but it’s also fragrant and delicious.

I add a couple of toffee flavdrops (myvegan) to my tea, just as a little sweetener and I’ve realised that by adding them to this blend, mixed with the scent of the cloves, the taste reminds me slightly of porridge (not that I have cloves in porridge), it’s strange but maybe it’s a magical way of making me feel full.

Stir clockwise (deosil) to attract or anticlockwise (widdershins) to banish.

How to embark on your journey in to magical herbs.

  • First set your intention
  • herbs tend to group together so shake the pouch before opening
  • Take a flat teaspoon of the blend and pour in to the drawstring teabag.
  • Tie the bag with a double knot
  • Place in your favourite cup
  • Once your kettle is boiled, leave it for a minute to cool slightly. This will save the herbs from being scorched
  • Pour water in to the cup and seep for between 3-5 minutes (if you desire a more powerful effect leave for longer)
  • Enjoy your tea and connect with the natural goodness

Witches Teas have blends to choose from including fertility tea, tea for anxiety, sleep infusions, confidence potions, protection tinctures and ritual teas for all of the sabbats.



Eden Perfumes

Perfume, from the French Parfum, a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds used to give the human body an appealing scent.

Expensive, opulent and luxurious be they floral, musky, woody, fruity or aquatic, men and women have been wearing perfumes for thousands of years.

But did you know that most of perfumes contain some really icky animal ingredients?

Ambergris – a wax-like  growth which is found in the stomach and intestines of about one in a hundred sperm whales. The finest ambergris has a lovely, sweet, musky odor. 

Musk – found in a small pouch, in front of the penis of a mature male musk deer. Apparently it possesses a sweet, generous, aromatic intensity bringing an elegance and a radiance to any perfume composition.

Civet – a buttery-yellow paste secreted by the perineal glands of both male and female civets which is said to have a radiant, velvety, floral scent . . .

Castoreum – Is used to produce a spicy ‘leather’ scent and is a thick paste found in the castor sacs between the pelvis and the base of the tail  of both the male and female beaver.

Hyraceum – also called ‘Africa stone’ is the petrified rock like excrement of the rock hyrax, it’s one animal scent that can be harvested without actually causing any harm to the animal but why oh why would anybody want perfume made from any animals excrement, no matter how ethically it might have been obtained?

Well, I definitely don’t want to be lathering my body in any of those, that’s for sure!

Luckily, I stumbled across an amazing vegan and cruelty free perfume brand last year whilst browsing the lanes of Brighton called Eden perfumes.


Eden Perfumes have hundreds of scents lines up in bottles on their walls that almost perfectly match that of many well known designer fragrances but without any of the cruelty, no animal ingredients, no animal testing and mostly organic, what’s not to love.

I have 3 myself, copies of Chanel No5, Dior’s Poison and Thierry Mugler’s Angel and you really would struggle to tell the difference between the Eden perfumes and the real designer scents.

Not only that but at only £15 for a 30ml bottle if you buy in store of £18 if you buy online, you’re saving a fortune.

Cruelty free more often than not, cost’s less!


Shop online at www.edenperfumes.co.uk

Or head to:

Original Brighton Branch

26 Gardner Street Brighton BN11UP

New London Branch

203 Portobello Road London W111LU

be water

My Mum had been infusing her water with crystals for years and I admit that on her council, I have a piece of shungite in each of my gym bottles (apparently it’s a water purifier, who knew?) but other than that, up until now it’s only fruit, mainly lemon that I’ve been avidly infusing on a day to day basis.

Well, not anymore, welcome Bewater, a company who create the most gorgeous crystal elixir bottles.


Everybody needs to hydrate, that’s nothing new, water is literally the most important thing we can feed our bodies, every cell, tissue and organ we have needs water to work properly but we can improve not just our health but our wellbeing with water, good hydration boosts energy, flushes toxins and strengthens skin, hair making us feel happier all round.

Personally I do believe that gemstones have a special energy, something about them forming over hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of years, being part of the earth, the universe and even if I didn’t believe that, I’d still be drawn to gemstones due to their sparkle (I have a definite magpie complex).

It is said though that different crystals have different healing properties, that some are energising, some are calming, some are grounding, some cleanse and some protect, well whatever it is you need, I can guarantee that Bewater will have the right bottle for you.

It’s no secret right now that single use plastic is a problem and of course Bewater bottles are completely reusable.

They come in 4 different varieties:

Home and Office (glass)

Belove Passion Glass – Garnet & Rock Crystal £28.95

Original Titan (BPA free plastic)

Bejoy Elements – ocean Agate, Amethyst, Fossil Wood, Rose Quartz & Chalcedony £25.95

On The Go Titan (BPA free plastic, easy lids)

Belove Harmony – Rose Quartz & Rock Crystal £19.95

Zodiac Bottles (limited edition glass)

BeUnlimited Leo – Ruby & Clear Quartz £54.95

Each bottle comes with a choice of insert, you can choose inserts for awareness, elements, balance, glow, harmony, passion, vision, clarity, courage, vitality, liberty, abundance or magic or if you go for one of the limited edition zodiac bottles, they have all kinds of other properties.

If you got for the Home and Office, you also have the option to purchase extra interchangeable inserts.

Bejoy Abundance Insert £19.95

I personally went for the On The Go, partly because it’s slightly smaller so fits better in my bag, partly because it’s plastic, I’m very clumsy so I don’t think any of the glass bottles would last long around me and partly because you can choose  which colour lid you want and they had pink!


What insert did I get? Magic. Why? Well, because I figured all of the other properties are covered by that one.

Bemagic On The Go Junior £19.95

I would quite like a Zodiac Bottle in Leo though, maybe if this one ‘magically’ makes me a little less clumsy I’ll invest . . . 

Each bottle comes in a recyclable tube and also comes with an extra tumblestone crystal to add to your crystal collection.


Get 10% off on the site by clicking Here



Shop Vintage & Say No To Fast Fashion

You know that moment when you see a picture of someone wearing the most amazing dress – only it’s vintage so you know you’re never going to be able to find the exact same one? Devastating right?

Well I saw a picture last week on Immodesty Blaize’s instagram of her wearing a beautiful baby blue 70’s maxi number, and blue isn’t even a colour I usually wear unless it’s denim but the dress was just sooo pretty.

Anyway, I popped in  to Beyond Retro’s Soho branch yesterday and found not the exact same dress but something very similar in peach!

It’s the simple things in life, like finding the perfect dress and because it’s vintage, knowing it’s highly unlikely you’ll bump in to anybody else wearing the same thing.

And because it’s vintage, you’re also taking a step away from the fast fashion, throwaway culture that is now.

In times gone buy clothes were built to last, classic cuts and styles made well and to stand the test of time.

Whether down to war and therefore a lack of fabric, lack of money, ration or general austerity, there was a make do and mend, waste not want not culture that seems very far away from today.

The environmental aspect on fast fashion is huge, not only do the chemicals used in the production of crops and fibres that are tuned in to garments contribute to different forms of pollution including water, air and soil, they of course also play their part in climate change, the  fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of the carbon footprint of the world. 

In the UK alone people spent over £50 000 000 on throw away fashion, items bought that would  be out of fashion and thrown away before the Autumn/Winter season.

Then more often than not, these clothes end up in landfill and we just don’t have space.

I’ve been as guilty as anybody in the past, I had a big sort out in my walk in wardrobe just this year and found numerous items that I’d bought and never worn, lots still with labels attached but fast fashion is so last season.

What can you do?

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Buy less.

Buy quality rather than quantity, clothes that will last.

Don’t jump on to fashion trends, buy classic items that are timeless and if you do happen to buy something that you love but was very much on trend, don’t throw it way, chances are it will come back in fashion.

Buy vintage or second hand, there are unwanted clothes out there that need love.

Swap clothes that you’re bored of with friends.

Learn to sew, customize and turn old items in to something new.


It is said that  the cycles of the moon have a huge effect on our health, our mood, our relationships and our work and that by understanding these lunar phases we can work with them to improve and empower every aspect of our lives.

I’ve been fascinated by this concept for a while, I’ve always felt the effect of the moon and can never sleep on a full moon (I wondered for a while if it could be possible I have werewolf genes) and have heard the same from friends.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when I started have a full moon ritual bath every month on the full moon with candles, oils, crystals and petals etc that I managed a full and peaceful nights sleep. Strange as that might sound, they do say that the moon governs women as it does the tide so maybe, just maybe it makes sense.

Well for Christmas I was gifted a Moonology 2020 diary , a Moonology book and a deck of Moonology oracle cards, all written by world renowned astrologist Yasmin Boland.

I’d heard about Moonology before and know people who swear by it so I opened up the diary just a few days ago on 1st January and am already fascinated, I’ve already discovered more about astrology than I ever knew, I’ve always been interested in astrology as in I’ve always ready my horoscopes but took them with a pinch of salt as I found it hard to believe that everybody born under the same star sign could have the same personality traits and fate, having said that I am the embodiment of a typical Leo but after following a link in the diary and typing in some of my details, not just birth date but exact time and also place and receiving a full birth chart back, I’ve realised that there’s so much more to astrology than just your star sign and I’ve learned that I’m not just a Leo but a Leo with Aries rising, that’s double fire, actually makes a lot of sense, I am a feisty one!

Well I’m open to following my new found interest and I’m looking forward to discovering where Moonology and working with the phases of the moon for guidance and wisdom takes me in 2020. 


The first card I pulled for the year – Well if Moonology is to be believed then 2020 is looking promising!!!


For more details go to www.yasminboland.com