Witches Tea

Burn Calories, Not Witches

Plants, flowers and herbs have been used for years in potions and remedies and with inspiration from the great herbalists of the past, Willow and Emerald, the wonderful ladies from Witches Tea have created blends from the Root, Flower, Bark, Berry and Stem of rare and powerful plants. 

Their teas are quite literally a ritual in a cup.

The ladies sent me some of their most popular tea, the amazing weight loss blend, ‘Burn Calories Not Witches’ just in time for my new years diet with a generous amount of biodegradable drawstring teabags.

”The reasons we want to lose weight vary from person to person. Whatever the reason Burn calories Not Witches is there to make sure you do this in a healthy way. This tea will not only burn fat and speed up your metabolism, but also manage cholesterol and blood sugar levels whilst making you feel great”.


Rose Petals

What’s more, as well as the ingredients in the tea working to help your metabolism, Witches Tea comes with some extra magick! One of their Coven will also cast one of their popular weight loss spells upon the herbs helping you shift those stubborn pounds!”

I’m a huge tea fan in general, my tea cupboard has a ridiculous amount of blends in it and I also dabble with creating my own blends but I have to say I adore this tea, not only do I love the idea of magical tea but it’s also fragrant and delicious.

I add a couple of toffee flavdrops (myvegan) to my tea, just as a little sweetener and I’ve realised that by adding them to this blend, mixed with the scent of the cloves, the taste reminds me slightly of porridge (not that I have cloves in porridge), it’s strange but maybe it’s a magical way of making me feel full.

Stir clockwise (deosil) to attract or anticlockwise (widdershins) to banish.

How to embark on your journey in to magical herbs.

  • First set your intention
  • herbs tend to group together so shake the pouch before opening
  • Take a flat teaspoon of the blend and pour in to the drawstring teabag.
  • Tie the bag with a double knot
  • Place in your favourite cup
  • Once your kettle is boiled, leave it for a minute to cool slightly. This will save the herbs from being scorched
  • Pour water in to the cup and seep for between 3-5 minutes (if you desire a more powerful effect leave for longer)
  • Enjoy your tea and connect with the natural goodness

Witches Teas have blends to choose from including fertility tea, tea for anxiety, sleep infusions, confidence potions, protection tinctures and ritual teas for all of the sabbats.



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