Get Your Bits Out!


That caught your attention didn’t it?

Get Your Bits Out is the brainchild of fellow glamour veteran Alex Sim Wise and is an online consultancy whose mission is to help those looking to get started on fan subscription sites do so safely.

It’s kind of like sexy life coaching for content creators.

I met Alex on my first ever shoot for The Sport, way back at the very beginning of my career as a glamour model but since then the industry has changed massively.

With the invention of social media came the death of the lads mag. Models or so called ‘instamodels’ posting their pics out for free meant people weren’t buying anymore therefore the mags all ceased to exist meaning that actual glamour models, ones that did it professionally for a job were left without a platform to earn a living.

That was until the arrival of subscription sites where rather than fans buying magazines full of different models, they can subscribe to their favourites for exclusive content.

It’s not a walk in the park though, mostly the content is self styled and self shot so where there were teams of stylists and make up artists, set designers, photographers and editors on the shoots of old, now the models have to be prepared to do all of the work themselves.

It can be daunting which is why Get Your Bits Out was born. 

Initially Alex teamed up with Von Wager to create the brand and has since taken on four ambassadors, including me to help, mentor and advise content creators, whether new to the industry or already established.



Currently there is a really helpful Beginners Workbook priced at £19.99 full of tips and strategies to get you started.

Since reading the workbook myself and applying the tips to my own Only Fans account, I’ve seen my monthly earnings more than quadruple.


Use code DANI01 for 10% off 

Social Media & Marketing (£65) and Custom Plans (£50) available.

Use code DANI01 for 10% off 

Or book an hour long 1-2-1 chat with one of the ambassadors (including me) £40. 

There is a FREE to join OnlyFans account which is great for publicity for aspiring content creators with various priced DM lists offering promo.



The main GYBO website also has a great podcast and a blog with new posts going out twice weekly covering a range of subjects.



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